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How does CloudTDMS work

In a nutshell, CloudTDMS has many ways to configure your data models as well as creating your synthetic data :

  • Totally autonomous without external connections, you can manually streams & attributes (data model) or still accelerate this step by profiling your simple data (csv, json or xml).
  • Connect CloudTDMS to your test data warehouse or test dev instances of your cloud applications in order to create your data models,

Once data model created (streams & attributes), you can easily create data workflows in order to generate synthetic data and load it directly into your test data warehouse or test cloud application or download your synthetic data from CloudTDMS local storage.

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Shared or dedicated instance of CloudTDMS ?

CloudTDMS propose 3 pricing plans, each pricing plan is aligned with a specific architecture, Instance, we can differentiate 3 different type of platforms :

  • Starter platform : Shared platform for all free tier users.
  • Team platform : Shared platform for all team users (start-ups).
  • Business platform : Dedicated platform for each client.

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Important note : We recommend only to connect CloudTDMS to your test environments (NEVER to production platforms)