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We will be using an Ubuntu / Debian machine to setup our SFTP server.


You will need sudo privileges for setting up SFTP in the following steps.

Steps to setup SFTP server

  1. First install OpenSSH server on the server machine:

    sudo apt-get install openssh-server
  2. Generate an RSA key pair:


    You will be prompted to choose the location to store your RSA private key, press ENTER to set the default.
    Next you will be prompted to enter a passphrase, leave that to default as well by pressing ENTER.
    Two files will be generated inside ~/.ssh directory named id_rsa and where the first one is the private key and latter is the public key.

  3. Now copy the contents of your private key and save them to a file on your local machine.

  4. Upload this private key in the Keys tab of CloudTDMS web portal.

Setting up your SFTP storage on CloudTDMS

Open the storages tab and insert the following values for your new SFTP storage

  • Name: Name for the storage.
  • Hostname: Domain Name or IPv4 address of your SFTP server.
  • Port: The port on which your SFTP server is running (default is 22).
  • Username: Username of your SFTP server.
  • Password: Password of your SFTP user (Leave empty if using passwordless authentication).
  • Key File: The contents of the private key file for ssh connection.
  • Path: Path of the folder where CloudTDMS will save the generated files or fetch files for profiling.